Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a quick note on Time Regained

This is another film version of Proust. I picked it up and set it aside after about thirty minutes. It also is in French, and unfortunately the subtitles are in white and often do not stand out against the scene. Still, I enjoy French spoken, and that didn't make me put it aside. What did, is it seems to be a film treating more the final volume of Proust's novel, and I didn't want to be exposed to it until after reading it. And the first thirty minutes were not linear, so at least it seemed to be attempting to capture the feeling of involuntary memory. The actor playing Marcel captured my impression of the author almost too well, and scenes depicting the writing of the novel made it difficult to view it purely as fiction, which is much easier done while reading. And Emanuelle Beart is luminous as usual. We will definitely watch it when all this reading is complete.


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Something to look forward to!

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